Apart DT150 Modular Dual 100V Transformer

Apart DT150 Modular Dual 100V Transformer

Apart DT150 Modular Dual 100V Transformer

RRP For the Product is $329.00 as of June 2012. RRP is supplied by the Manufacturer.
The APart DT150 is a modular dual 100V transformer. Used between regular amplifiers and constant-voltage load like 50,70 or 100V speakerlines (Public Address). The DT150 has 2 high quality toroïdal transformers inside. This transformer can be easely built-in in the 19” housing (MB19) and can be used in combination with the MB(R)150 and the SB(R)160. Further the DT50 includes a compensation- and protection network. With the power selector you can choose between 150W in 4 Ohm or 90W in 4 Ohm.


Transformer input: 4 Ohm load
MB150 - SB160 input switchable
Transformer Output: 150 watt / Channel
Power tappings: 50V - 70V - 100V
Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 25 kHz
Dimension (H x W x D): 140 x 70 x 320 mm
Weight: 3.5 Kg (SN:DT150) (175221-5)
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